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  • Kim S. Holdiman

    Author, Educator, Mother

    10369221_297208957114671_661090139011343748_n Welcome to my page! I’m so glad to have you join me!

    Hi, my name is Kim! I have been an educator in both Special Education and Elementary Education for the past 16 years. I’ve been also teaching Sunday School at my church for the past… wow over 20 years now. I absolutely love going to work every day! I also have a great passion for writing and for sharing God’s message of love and grace! I have an amazing family. I have been married to my wonderful man of God for 31 years and love him more today than the day I met him. I have a beautiful daughter, April, who has always been my best friend and fills my heart with joy! She is grown and married to an incredible guy, my son-in-law, Justin. He is her knight in shining armor. I have a son, Devin, who has such a brilliant mind and tender heart, he amazes me! As of July 15th I have a daughter-in-law! She’s such a caring person with a heart of gold! Oh and her name is Kim… she’s got to be awesome! I have the cutest dog you’ve ever seen, her name is Oreo. She is black and white just like the cookie. We rescued her from our local dog pound 8 years ago.

    I invite you to follow me on my journey through this crazy, chaotic life as I blog about things I’m passionate about! I have many short stories, poems, ramblings, but whatever I write will always take us back to the most important subject:  God’s amazing love and grace! I hope to blog twice a week. It will be a mixture of inspirational thought, poems, or short stories. I’m going to let God move me in this. I welcome comments and feedback always! I love to hear from my readers!

    I like to send special deals and news to my readers. I promise I won’t bombard your email boxes. So, when the subscription box pops up, just enter your info and I will be happy to keep you informed of blog posts, new books coming out, great deals on my books (sometimes even free), and where you can find me.

    I care about what you have to say and would love to hear from you. You can email me at kim@kimsholdimanauthor.com. You may also comment on individual blog posts.



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  • a-hurt-in-my-heart-book-cover
    Written by Kim S. Holdiman
    Illustrated by David Gnass
    Published by Tate Publishing

    Jaydon finds Emma with a hurt in her heart. As Emma shares why her heart hurts and how forgiveness and grace are waiting for her, Jaydon is captivated with curiosity. In a simple and touching way, Emma will teach Jaydon, and all who read this story, how they can find forgiveness, grace, and salvation for themselves.

    Join Emma and Jaydon as the two friends lead you on a quest to understand the love of the Creator.

    24 pages – (Was $9.99) NOW ONLY $5! (paperback)

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